Small and portable

Only 85g,lighter than a smart phone, powered by AA batteries

Whisper quiet

< 50dB, even quieter than whisper

Excellent Human-machine design

Smooth texture with optimal grip and fine touch

Adjustable strength of atomization via BUTTON

3 different levels of atomization rate(High-Middle-Low) are available


Ultrafine particles for better therapeutic effects

More than 80% of particles are smaller than 5µm, the MMAD is only 2.2 µm. Can DIRECTLY access at the affected area.


Original I.A.D Technology

IAD technology is progressed by a smart respiratory sensor to realize "Respiratory Monitoring", which allows the nebuliz­er to atomize medicine while inhaling, and suspend atomizing while exhaling, reducing the feeling of cough.



Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries

Continuous Working Hours: > 1 hour

Frequency of Atomization Center: 113KHz±5%

Atomization Rate: ≥0.2ml/min. (adjustable)

Working Noise: < 50 dB

MMAD: 2.2 μm

Effective Atomized Particles: 80% of particles < 5 μm

Protection Class: IP24

Minimum Atomizing Volume: 0.5 ml

Capacity of Medication Container: 8 ml •

Maximum Scale Volume: 8 ml±10%

Dimensions: 4.2 x 7.2 x 10.8cm

Weight: 76±5g (excl. batteries)123±5g (incl. batteries


How to use NEB-016


How to clean NEB-016


Trouble shooting