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Updated: Aug 23, 2021


**Please share to stop the fraud**

Dear Valued Customer,

Referring to above matter, please be informed that we received many phone calls and complaint regarding misused and misleading of our product Aurelius Care and MDA certificate in online network platform.

For your information, we officially announce that the product with code APO-20A and APO-20C without brand Aurelius Care is not from our company, thus our product code has been used for the packaging without our concern.

In additional, currently in Malaysia market only Aurelius Care launched APO-30C series which is only active in any online platform and pharmacies. As our product series APO-20A and APO-20C is not yet launch in Malaysia market due to ongoing for further medical test and accuracy test. Currently the model that listed in online platform as APO-20A and APO20C is totally NOT our actual APO series model.

In the other hand, there is falsify, duplicate and misuse of our MDA certificate by many parties in online and offline platform. Please be extra aware of the edited MDA certificate that is not provided by our company.

We hereby declare that our company will not take any responsibility on any purchase or any warranty for this falsify product.

This announcement is to stop the misleading advertisement in Shoppe, Lazada or any online network platform. All the genuine deal will provide by our company letterhead and genuine bank details. For your information, all the business transaction will not practising with any C.O.D. by cash pay or bank in to personal account. This payment method is against our company policy.

Please be aware that if found any company or personnel that they claims they are our Authorized Dealer or Authorised Agent, please request them to prove their Authorized Dealer Letter with original signature that they being assigned by our company.

All our concern pertaining this matter has been reported to MDA and action will be taken soon.

Your concern and corporation for this issue is much appreciated.

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